A work in progress.

It's been a year since I arrived back in Canada with the dream to bring my vegan restaurant 'the profane buddha' here. While I have not managed to put all the pieces together to do that yet, it does remain my life goal.

During our 7 years in Peru we had the honour to work with a bunch of amazing, talented people. To name a few, Master Chef Peru Jim Echevarría worked with me to develop the menu, Anatole and Jaime ran the kitchen, Joyce and Gerard took great care of our clients, and Kasia put together this amazing video of the place!

There are many more, but I would be remiss to not also mention our clients without whom it could not have been the success it was. They left some really great reviews on TripAdvisor amongst other places and continue to post on how much they enjoyed 'el buda profano'. Tripadvisor Reviews

Today I would like to repeat my call for collaborators here in BC. If you have knife skills, people skills, finance skills or anything else skills and share the goal of creating a vegan world by bringing amazing vegan food to more and more people, let's talk!